SEO & Content Certificate Program

Our SEO & content certificate program will teach you how organic search works - important and relevant knowledge to any product owner, marketing professional, and PR specialist. You will learn how to drive more organic traffic to a website, feed all stages of your conversion funnel, and increase your revenue.

  • What This Certificate Program Is About:

    In this course industry professionals will teach you the ins and outs of SEO and content marketing. We go over SEO fundamentals, how to do an SEO audit, a content audit; how to do keyword research and content strategy; how to present your findings, and much more!

  • Why Get This Certificate:

    This is the fastest and easiest way to learn SEO and content marketing. Take our SEO bootcamp taught by the best.

What You Get

  • A certificate when you complete the program

  • Life-long access too free downloadable materials

  • Access to video courses

What Are The Steps?

  • Sign Up

    Pay for full access to the Digital Marketing Certificate Program.

  • SEO & Content Courses

    Start on the SEO & Content Certificate Program where you have two weeks to complete each course.

  • Assignments

    Each course has an assignment. Make sure you read the assignment page for that course and you complete the assignment.

We teach people the skills they need to change their future

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Author's name

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