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    Take full video based Search Engine Optimization courses with assignments, quizzes, and real life projects; to learn all aspects for SEO and Content Marketing.

  • Free Micro Courses

    Watch free short videos on demand to learn more about sales and digital marketing to enhance your SEO training.

  • Social Good

    When you purchase a paid course we give a membership to educate someone in need.

$1 Micro Courses

Take our short micro courses to gain a foundational understanding of topics like Digital Marketing and Sales. You can watch these on demand at anytime. Lessons are added or updated for each course regularly. That's a great deal for a dollar!

Loved By Our Learners

“Growth skills made my dream come true. i was looking for the opportunity to change my career path and move from traditional marketing to the digital area. after completing seo 101 course i gained enough skills to perform seo analysis and implement necessary tactics to make websites rank higher on search results. currently, as a member of growth skills team, i work on real-life projects and make money with the skills i didn’t have a year ago.”

“Growth skills, has played an integral part in my seo career. as a result of their training courses both in person and online; my life has changed from working in a kitchen, to getting a job at a small seo firm, to getting a job at global marketing agency. i’ve more than doubled my salary in the last year with my career change which is incredible. there are not enough good things to say about this platform and i am very grateful to have had the opportunity to take my skills to the next level.”

“Growth skills is a true education in becoming digitally savvy in an ever-changing landscape of technical advances. this platform tunes out all the noise and focuses on growing tangible skills that really matter. as a paid search marketer, i was able to boost my knowledge in seo, which helped me gain a clearer vision of the holistic search landscape. i would highly recommend this product to anyone who is in pursuit of knowledge, personally or professionally.”


  • What is Learning IQ?

    Learning IQ is a learning platform built to help people learn sales and digital marketing. The Growth Skills team are experts in sales and digital marketing so they built Learning IQ as a way to help everyone learn so they can build a lucrative career.

  • How Can I Earn While I Learn?

    Apply for our Protégés+ paid internship and job placement program. In this program we teach you SEO, give you paid projects and then help you find a job. https://growthskills.co/protege-plus/

  • What's Your Favorite SEO Joke?

    ​​Where is the best place to hide a dead body on the internet? The second page of Google because no one will ever find it!😂

  • How Much Does A Course Cost?

    The price for courses vary. We aimed to make them affordable so as many people can learn as possible. Most of the courses have downloadable templates that you can keep and use. Our microlessons will always be free.

  • Do You Offer Certifications?

    ​​Yes LearningIQ provides digital and printable certifications for our SEO & Content Marketing program.

  • Do You Do Webinars?

    Yes we hold webinars on various topics from time to time. Check the blog to learn when the next one is happening.

  • What are micro lessons?

    Micro lessons are short videos that help you quickly understand a topic. They are free for members on the website. Sometimes we put them together to form more detailed free courses.