SEO 101

Search engine optimization, also known as SEO or organic search, is key marketing acquisition channel. Learning the fundamentals will help you drive more traffic to your website and keywords you rank for.

  • What is the course about?

    In this course you will learn foundational search engine optimization skills. We go over the importance of SEO and its place in digital marketing, then jump into the 4 main focus areas - on-page, content, off-page SEO, and conversion optimization. At the end of this course, you will know how to fully evaluate, and optimize a website for organic search.

  • Why take the course?

    Take this course to accelerate your career in digital marketing, understand how discoverability on the Internet works, and how you can use it to your advantage when managing a website.

What You Get

  • Fundamental SEO knowledge

  • Integrated search training

  • Free downloadable templates and materials

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Course Downloads

    • Course Downloads

  • 2

    Course Introduction

    • Course Introduction

  • 3

    The Power of Search

    • What You Will Learn

    • Search is Human Behavior

    • Search Consumer Journey

    • Search Engine Forms

    • Summary

    • Quiz

  • 4

    Understanding Search Engine Optimization

    • What You Will Learn

    • SEO vs SEM vs PPC

    • SEO Will Never Die

    • Learn SEO Competitive Advantage

    • Different Types of SEO

    • How Search Engines Work

    • Content Types

    • SEO Ranking Factors

    • Google Algorithm Changes

    • Bing Image Search

    • General SEO Workflow

    • Summary

    • Quiz

  • 5

    The Role of Content in SEO

    • What You Will Learn

    • Content is Not King

    • Content is Crucial for Growth

    • Content Can Take Many Forms

    • Google is a Competitor in Search

    • High Quality Content to Win

    • Summary

    • Quiz

  • 6

    Keyword Research

    • What You Will Learn

    • What is Keyword Research

    • Keyword Research Criteria

    • The Goal of Keyword Research

    • Old Way of Doing Keyword Research

    • Core Tools Have Expanded

    • Start with Keyword Research Tools

    • Add Website Analytics

    • Add Customer Surveys

    • Add Internal Search Data

    • Use Social Media Data

    • Case Study

    • Summary

    • Quiz

  • 7

    On-Page Tactics

    • What You Will Learn

    • What is On Page SEO

    • Vetting CMS

    • Website Architecture

    • Optimizing Meta Titles and Descriptions

    • Optimizing URL Structures

    • Semantic Markup

    • Optimizing Header Tags

    • Improving Page Speed

    • Redirects and Header Statuses

    • Chain Redirects

    • On Page Optimization

    • Optimization Walkthrough

    • Duplicate Content and Securing Sites

    • Mobile Friendly Sites

    • Summary

    • Quiz

  • 8

    Off-Page Tactics

    • What You Will Learn

    • What is Off-Page SEO

    • What are Backlinks

    • Link Building Tactics that Work

    • Anchor Text

    • Social Media Optimization

    • Youtube Optimization

    • Pintrest Optimization

    • Facebook Optimization

    • Free SEO Tools

    • Paid SEO Tools

    • Summary

    • Quiz

  • 9

    Final Quiz

    • Final Quiz

The Instructor

Lavall Chichester

Senior Instructor